Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book an in-person session date or virtual session date with you?

I check my emails and messages (texts and VM) regularly throughout the day. To book a Virtual Session from anywhere, it would be done by using FACETIME or SKYPE. E-mail: to get the menu on what I offer for Virtual.

If you would be interested in a virtual session, the verification/screening process is not needed since I would not be actually be meeting you in person. However, if you want to book an in-person session, you would need to provide your verification/screening info. Refer to my website for the specific info I need. Direct Link:

You can provide your verification/screening info by 2 methods:
1. Booking a Virtual session;
2. Sending it via E-mail to:

To book a session, it is done by being screened/verified of which you would need to complete my secured booking form off my website. This is only used for my safety, assurance on who you are and if we are compatible. Your verification/screening info only required for 1st time bookings with new clients and you will be required to present me with a valid photo ID and it must match the screening info. Any of my regular clients are free to contact me anytime for a booking and without any kind of screening/verifying. You may do so by phone, text or email.

I request that you review my entire website first. This ensures you have a clear understanding and that both my time and your time are not wasted.

I do not correspond with anyone, until I have a completed Booking form filled out entirely. NO EXCEPTIONS.

If you wish to book me for a date, please refer to the Booking Form/Verification tab on this website and send your info to me via email or text. I recommend the following duration/length of time as follows: 2 Hour bookings for 1st time visitors. 3 Hour or 4 Hour bookings are great for lunch/dinner meetings. 6 Hour bookings are perfect for concerts, sports events etc.

I am available: Monday thru Sunday, noon to midnight. Advanced Notice Recommended to ensure a definite booking.

Do You Have Reviews:

Yes – refer to my Reviews tab on this website.

What are your donation rates and how do you accept Deposits or Cancellation Fees?

Please refer to the Encounters tab on this website for donation rates on: Florida – California & Fly Me Ins to your city or to accompany you on your business travels or dream date vacations. Rates are non-negotiable so please do not haggle, request uncompensated time or stay past your slated time. It will make our meeting uncomfortable for the both of us.

Please place the donation/gift in an unsealed envelope in plain view within the first 5 minutes of our booking each time I meet you or in the bathroom by the sink. I should never have to ask for it. I accept cash and all major credit cards but only from regular established clients. Keep in mind if you plan on using a credit card a 3.5% transaction fee will be added.

Any bookings of 3 hours or more will require a 25% deposit.
Any “potential” client where a deposit may be needed, I require a small deposit of $100.
Any pre-bookings to secure your date, I require a $100 deposit.
Any clients that book me for a “Fly Me In” to their city for an exclusive arrangement, I require a 25% deposit of the package you choose.

These are the two options I use on how you can send your your deposit or cancellation fees:

1. Vanilla Gift Card – eGift Card – This is a no paper trail method – you can email me a Vanilla eGift Card. They have both – plastic cards and email eGift cards. You would want the eGift Card. You can buy $10 – $500 to put on 1 eGift card. Then all you would need to do after we set a date/time is email it to my email address. You can buy these at Walgreens – CVS – Rite-Aid – 711.

Direct Link to Vanilla eGift Card:

2. Square – I have a payment processing account for my consulting corporation through Square in which I can accept any major credit card. I would send you an Invoice of which there will be a link to click on for you to enter your own credit card info yourself. Keep in mind, there is a 3.5% up-charge for using a credit card.

Can I extend our time?

Extending our time together is always welcome and happens frequently. IF my schedule is free to do so, it can happen. Again – just ask. The extra donation rate is required at the session.

The Date/Meeting

I will confirm our date the day before and at least 4 hours on the day of our meeting. Please make sure to check your phone and/or email. You are welcome to confirm with me as well by phone, text or email.

Expect to meet me Tori West, the girl in the photos and videos on this website. I will always greet you with a warm welcome.

Choose the appropriate length of duration with my encounter with you. Our time starts when we meet to when we depart. Keep in mind that my time spent with you is both public and/or private. If you would like to extend the session, I would be happy to do so providing I have the time to do so. Just ask. The modeling rate for the extra time will need to be made at that session as well, so keep that in mind.

If you feel you are unable to fulfill the the entire booking session time I require as a minimum, that is fine. All I ask is that you kindly let me know and I will not be offended in anyway. However, I do not prorate any unused time.

I will arrive on our date wearing usually a sexy casual outfit. I like to turn heads and not raise eyebrows in public so dressing provocatively isn’t something I would do. If it is cool out, I will arrive wearing usually jeans/leggings/slacks with heels and a sexy top and a jacket. If the weather is nice I wear shorts or a cute sundress. Please let me know if you would like me to bring specific modeling outfits.


If you are not serious or not certain in booking a private modeling session with me OR if I am one of the several private models you are thinking about booking, I would rather not be contacted at all.

If our communication keeps going back and forth and a booking never ends up being set, it shows me that you really do not have any intentions of booking a session. I will block all communication from you so that no further contact is made and my time is no longer wasted.

The above is what private models call a “Time Waster”. I am only interested in bookings that value me and find me worthy without hesitation and that are thrilled to meet me as I would be to meet you.

Do not ask me to meet you to see if there is a connection so that you can decide if you want to book an actual session.

Do not ask me to send “selfies” or photos of me prior to our first meeting, and honestly, I don’t like to take selfies of myself.

Lastly, the time/duration of our session has already been slated. Should you decide you need to depart early, you may by all means do so but do not expect me to prorate the session. If you try this with me, you will be put on the private models database of your behavior. Said database lets other independent models know of your practice.




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